About us

Corporate philosophy: Let it "live" longer, preserve the resources and protect the environment!

electronic loop repair & Service
We rely on sustainable business / sustainable trade and want to offer you an environmentally friendly Alternative to buying a new product:
  • Repairs of notebooks from different manufacturers for a fixed price.
  • Professional mainboard repair from different manufacturers on the electronics level (chiplevel).
  • Use of used packaging materials when shipping.

The trend in the electronics industry to ever-shorter lifecycles of their products is obvious. Someone speaks even about the built-in defects like in the study "Planned obsolescence" (http://www.murks-nein-danke.de/blog/studie).
There are more and more new products / models are developed and in ever-shorter periods of time go on the market.
Thus more and more electronic waste and therefore hazardous waste is produced (The world is drowning in electronic waste: http://green.wiwo.de/welt-versinkt-im-elektroschrott).
To counter this and to save resources, we put the accent on the sustainable trade of used parts, used electronics and on the repair of electronic devices.
Our corporate philosophy, we are committed to. If possible, we use used packaging material (cardboard boxes, upholstery, etc) to ship the goods. Thus you do not incur any disadvantages. The goods will always be packed safely. Positive effects: saving of resources and lower shipping cost for you.

P. S.: We hope that the following videos will encourage you to reconsider some things:



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